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Abbott - Banjo ukuleles made famous by George Formby
Ana'ole - Hawaiian makers headed by Gareth Yahiku.
Antoniotsai/ Hanworks - heavily decorated ukuleles with a questionable reputation.
aNueNue - High quality ukuleles from Taiwan
Applause (Ovation) - Distinctive electric ukuleles.
Aria - UK cheapo brand.
Ashbury - Good quality, entry level ukes from a UK company. My first 'real' ukulele.
Ashton - Cheap first ukuleles in the UK.
BeBop - You know, for kids.
Beltona - The ukulele that killed off Tiny Tim.
Brownsville - Cheap end solid-top ukuleles.
BugsGear EleUke - Solid body, electric ukuleles.
Bushman - The video contest guys try their hand at making ukuleles.
Clearwater - UK ukulele company with Eleuke and Vita uke copies.
Cole Clark - Australian ukulele makers.
Collings - Highly respect guitar makers move into ukes.
Earnest Instruments - Top quality ukes as played by Eddie Vedder and John King.
Cordoba - Portuguese guitar makers with a line of ukuleles.
Favilla - The 20s/30s cheap and cheerful ukulele.
Fender - The biggest name in guitars moves into ukuleles.
Flea - Bette Midler's favourite ukulele.
Fluke - Iconic ukulele.
G-String - Top quality ukulele endorsed by James Hill.
Gibson - I think they used to make guitars as well.
Greg Bennett (Samick) - Korean-made budget ukuleles.
五分PK10计划 - vintage ukes from the legendary guitar maker.
Hamano - the original 'good' ukulele from China.
Harmony - Vintage ukuleles as endorsed by the legendary Roy Smeck.
Hawaiian Ukulele Company - The Hawaiian shop's own-brand ukuleles.
Hilo - A few companies out there have gone by this name.
Honu - Turtle covered ukuleles from the Big Island Ukulele Company.
Ibanez - Japanese guitar makes follow in their namesake's footsteps and start making ukuleles.
Johnson - Bog standard starter ukes.
Kala - Hugely popular mid-range ukulele. I love my Kala.
Kamaka - The oldest surviving ukulele maker.
Kanile'a - Top quality, top price, Hawaiian made ukuleles.
Kau'wela - Kailua based ukes in Zebrawood.
Keli'i - High quality Hawaiian ukuleles.
Kiwaya - Japanese company best known for their Martin copies and K-Wave Fender-style ukuleles.
Keech - The reputed inventor of the banjulele.
Ko'olau - Their ukuleles are played by Ledward Kaapana, Lyle Ritz and Abe Lagrimas Jr. Who could argue with a line-up like that?
Koa Pili Koko - Koa-ish ukuleles from Keli'i.
五分PK10网址 - KoAloha's budget range of ukuleles.
KoAloha - Hawaiian made ukulele company headed by the adorable Alvin Okami.
Koyama - Uke line from Australia's Dominant Instruments.
Kumalae - Vintage Hawaiian maker with a ferocious output.
Laka - Vintage ukuleles put out a new range (possibly to end confusion for people searching for 'vintage ukuleles').
Lanikai - Probably the best ukulele for a beginner.
Lazy - Cheapo UK ukuleles.
Le Domino - World's coolest ukulele?
Lehua - Instruments from the original home of the ukulele Portugal.
Leolani - Cheap ukuleles made respectable by their use by Priscilla Ahn and AJ Rafael.
LOCALS - mysterious (to me at least) Hawaiian ukuleles.
五分PK10官网 - Top notch Floridian maker with a taste for oddly placed soundholes.
Luna - Individual looking ukuleles from one of the few female run instrument makers.
五分PK10官网 - Vintage ukuleles with unusual designs.
Maccaferri - The most sought after plastic ukulele.
Mahalo - The ukulele every UK player started with.
Makai - Ukulele designs that give me a sense of deja vu.
Makala - Kala's budget ukulele. An excellent choice for beginners.
Martin - The Rolls Royce of ukulele makers.
Mele - Double-headed ukulele madness.
Melokia - Big in Thailand.
Mid-East - Striking looking ukuleles with an Eastern influence.
Mitchell - Available at a Guitar Center near you.
Morelli/Santini - Questionably marketed. Their big selling point is that they're, "Teacher Endorsed."
Mya-Moe - small ukulele makers with a big star following.
五分PK10注册 - The ultimate in resonator ukuleles.
Ohana - Mid-range ukuleles. My tenor Ohana has been my favourite uke for a while now.
五分PK10 - Ukes from Korea.
Ortega - The German maker with the very un-German name.
Oscar Schmidt - Very popular entry-level ukuleles.
Pahu Kani - Top-end ukuleles with holes where you least expect them.
Pono - Ko'olau's less expensive ukuleles.
Regal - The original pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap ukulele.
Riptide - Boulder Creek Guitars play around with the soundholes.
RISA - German ukuleles with a number of innovative electric ukulele designs.
Rogue - Cheap UK brand.
Road Toad - originators of the bass ukulele and many other unusual designs.
Savannah - Australia's ukes on a budget.
Slingerland - Vintage banjoleles.
Stagg - English ukuleles with a name macho enough to stand up to Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster.
Swagerty - Vintage ukuleles designed to be played on beach.
T's Guitars - Japanese ukulele manufacturer.
Tangi - Hawaiian ukuleles with a taste for the unusual.
Tanglewood - Ukuleles from the British guitar maker.
五分PK10计划 - Ukulele aimed at tourists in Hawaii.
Vineyard - Chinese made ukulele of questionable quality.
Uluru - Australian ukes from Ayers.
Weissenborn - Ukes from the masters of the Hawaiian lap-steel guitar.

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